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CS/CIT Course Catalog (2018/2019) PDF

BuCS 123   Web Authoring & Publishing - 3 hours

Offered Spring:  10:00-10:50 MWF, full semester

Introduces students to HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Stylesheets), text and graphical editors, and server- and client-side technologies. Students will be able to create web pages that contain text, graphics, links, tables, forms, and scripts.

Prerequisite: none

BuCS 225   Website Design - 3 hours

Offered as a full-semester Directed Study

Includes discussion, demonstration and development of Web design techniques using HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Wordpress. Basic art and design principles will be cultivated along with design communication skills, image analysis, and Web analysis.

Prerequisites: BuCS 123

BuCS 138   Computer Programming I - 3 hours

Offered Fall:  3:00-3:50 MWF, full semester

An introductory programming course introducing object-oriented programming and structured programming techniques. Topics include data types, calculations, control structures, arrays, classes, inheritance, input/output and files. This course is taught using Alice and Java.

Prerequisite: BuCS 112 or consent of instructor

BuCS 238   Computer Programming II - 3 hours

Offered Spring:  1:00-1:50 MWF, full semester

Focuses on structured programming techniques and object-oriented programming. Topics for this second course in computer programming include software engineering principles, sorting and searching algorithms, dynamic variables and data structures. This course is taught using the C++ programming language.

Prerequisite: BuCS 138 or consent of instructor

BuCS 126   Networking Technologies - 3 hours

Offered Spring:  1:00-1:50 MWF, full semester

Covers basic data communications and networking concepts including network models, protocols, operating systems, cabling and hardware, IP addressing and subnetting, switching and routing, wireless technologies, networking services, network administration and troubleshooting procedures.

Prerequisite: none

BuCS 141   Computer Network Administration - 3 hours

Offered as a full-semester Directed Study

Provides the knowledge and skills necessary to perform installation, implementation, administration and troubleshooting tasks in a Microsoft Windows environment.

Prerequisite: BuCS 126 or consent of instructor

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