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Hesston College offers two degrees associated with Computer Science and Computer Information Technology. Earning a degree at Hesston College adds an important line to your growing resume. If you earn a transfer degree, you will also take courses most four-year colleges and universities expect you to have on your transcript.

Associate of Science Degree (AS)

If you major in Computer Science, you will earn the Associate of Science (AS) degree. This degree allows you to fit in the additional science and math courses required by the upper level Computer Science program at your next school.

Associate of Arts Degree (AA)

If you major in Computer Information Technology and plan to transfer to a four-year school, you will earn the Associate of Arts (AA) degree. This degree adds the extra writing, social science, and humanities courses required by most four-year schools in the non-science computer degree programs.

Can't Make Up Your Mind?

No problem! To keep all your options open, choose the 4-year transfer program you are most interested in. If you like math and science, consider Computer Science. If you prefer business, consider Computer Information Technology. The first year plan of study for both programs is very similar which gives you a year to check out both options and find out which you prefer. Your advisor will be happy to help you work through the options. Just ask!

Hesston College courses are placed to fit the schedules of both traditional students and working professionals. Traditional students can earn an Associate degree while pursuing their interest in computers. Working professionals may choose to enroll in the Computer Information Technology program and take applications or programming courses.

If you follow a traditional program, you will complete at least 60 college credit hours on your way to an Associate degree. Besides program courses, your degree will include classes in communication, math, Bible, social science, humanities, natural science, and fitness and wellness. After graduation, you can enter the job market or continue your education.

Program Options

Computer Science 4-Year Transfer Program

Computer Information Technology 4-Year Transfer Program