Networking and Service

BuCS 126 / BuCS 141 | Instructor - Bob Harder | At Kropf Center K130

Installing, maintaining and supporting computer workstations, servers, and the networks that connect them is another very important part of Computer Information Technology. The Hesston College CIT Lab was installed by students and continues to be supported by students as part of the class curriculum.

In Networking Technologies, you'll learn what it actually takes to connect computers together in a network. You'll learn how to run cable, configure network operating systems, practice network administration and security, and install a wireless network. Computer Network Administration takes it one step further by putting together a complete network using the very latest Microsoft Windows server.

Service and Support teaches you how to work on individual computer workstations and servers. You'll learn the different parts of a computer, how to upgrade components, how to install different types of operating systems, how to troubleshoot systems, and how to document your work.

If you like "hands-on" practice with modern equipment and the latest software, these courses are for you!

Networking Classes

Networking Technologies / BuCS 126

Computer Network Administration / BuCS 141