Computer Programming

BuCS 138 / BuCS 238 | Instructor - Bob Harder | At Kropf Center K130

Computer programming is the process of writing instructions for a computer to make it do an assigned task. Here at Hesston College, we make programming fun to learn in our Computer Programming I class by introducing programming concepts in Alice. Alice is a programming language designed to create animations, but it turns out to be a terrific way to learn object-oriented programming concepts as you work (or play) with multimedia.

Once you have the concepts in mind, we carry that over to Java, a full-featured object-oriented programming language. You'll learn to design, write, test, debug, and maintain programs using both Alice and Java. You'll even program a game!

Computer Programming II continues the lessons learned in Programming I as we introduce another programming language called C++. You'll learn many of the tools of the programming trade and how to use these powerful tools to make programming tasks easier. If you choose to transfer on in Computer Science, former students have found this course to be particularly helpful.

Give Computer Programming a try. It's easier than you think!

Programming Classes

Computer Programming I  / BuCS 138

Computer Programming II / BuCS 238