What is Computer Science?

Associate of Science / 4-Year Transfer Program

Computer Science is a discipline that requires both theory and practice. The practical side of computing can be seen everywhere since almost everyone is a computer user. Behind the scenes are the computer scientists. For example, getting computers to do what you want them to do is called programming, a very rewarding and hands-on skill.

Computer science is also a science of problem solving. Computer scientists model and analyze problems. They design solutions and verify that their solutions actually work. Computer scientists also research new methods and new technologies for future use.

Computer science has a wide range of specialties. These include computer architecture, systems development, network technology, database administration, internet, graphics, artifical intelligence, computational science, software engineering, and education. All of these specialties draw from common core of computer science knowledge which you'll start to receive at Hesston College.

Program Option

Computer Science 4-Year Transfer Program