Website Development

BuCS 123 / BuCS 225 | Instructor - Bob Harder | At Kropf Center K130

These days, almost everyone has a web presence. Being able to design and create websites is a valuable skill to add to your resume. Hesston College graduates have used this skill in many different ways. You might find you really enjoy it, too! To get started, sign up for our Web Authoring and Publishing class.

To create a web site, you first need to learn how to write in Hypertext MarkUp Language (HTML). Many programs like Dreamweaver do this for you and we teach you how to use them, but it's important to know how things work behind the scenes. You'll also learn how to style your web site with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and add dynamic features using scripting languages like PHP and Javascript.

In Website Design, you'll look at lots of websites to see what makes them good (or not so good!). You'll learn and practice good design principles as you help develop a complete website for a local client. This field continues to change rapidly, so you'll also get to try out the up and coming technologies.

Website Development Classes

Web Authoring and Publishing / BuCS 123

Website Design / Bucs 225